zaterdag 9 april 2011

Become A Knitting Superstar Ultimate Video Knitting Course

"Become A Knitting Superstar" Ultimate Video Knitting Course

Banish Knitting Frustration Forever!

…without spending hours on the Internet searching for videos, without ripping out your work over and over, and without fear or frustration!

What is in this video e-book?

The “Become a Knitting Superstar” Complete Video Knitting Course consists of nine video-book modules, each one building on the skills you learned in the previous section. You don’t have to do this course all the way through right away – every knitting project that you try on your own will improve, even if you’ve only read the first chapter!
When you join the hundreds of other people who are thrilled with their purchase of KNITFreedom’s ground-breaking video ebooks, this is what you’ll get (click to enlarge the sample page from the Bonus Chapter on Continental Knitting):
    Sample Page from Bonus Chapter "Continental Knitting"
    Sample Page from Bonus Chapter "Continental Knitting" (click to enlarge)
  • A 157-page detailed video PDF document, with more than 100 high-resolution knitting videos incorporated directly into the lessons
  • A step-by-step lesson for each project, with videos for each technique and section
  • Seven basic sock patterns for different weights of yarn
  • Illustrated diagrams and handouts of the techniques that you can print out and take with you
  • Enthusiastic support from a community of knitters dedicated to helping each other achieve Knitting Superstardom
  • An incredible resource that you can refer back to again and again
  • Viewable on a Mac or PC or iPad/iPhone/Android and online

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